Almost 1 year post -op

It won’t be long and it’ll be 1 year since I had my foot surgery. In January I started exercising – initially I started just walking on the treadmill. Then I decided I was ready to try T25 (25 min workouts 5 days a week). I had to modify A LOT but I finished. After that I moved to 21 Day Fix. I did 2 rounds of this – with modifications again. AND I signed up to be a BEACHBODY COACH! WHOA!!!! So after 2 rounds of 21 Day Fix I moved onto PIYO. PIYO was a game changer for my foot. Initially I started with modifying the normal… planks, lunges, etc. About 1/2 through PIYO I found I had gain so much range of motion in my foot…. I still have some more work to do… but I’m so happy that with a little extra effort I can now to planks and child’s pose doesn’t hurt my ankle anymore. Lunges, while they’re not deep, they’re doable!
I still have some minor pain… but nothing that I feel I need to take meds for. I went back to the Dr a few weeks ago. I have some deep scar tissue in my toe incision so he thinks with a little more work I can get a little more range of motion yet still!
All in all… I’m happy with my decision and thrilled with my progress. In hindsight…. I think the HYPROCURE surgery was the most needed and most successful for me. I think if I had to go back, I would have opted for Hyprocure then waited for the bunion surgery.

6+ months post-op

I am happy to report I continue to make improvements!
I still don’t wear heals – most just my sneakers… but that’s ok.

I am trilled with the other improvements since surgery. I no longer require orthotics. I can now raise up on my toes, balance (for a few seconds) on one foot and do what I refer to as a controlled plank. I can jog/walk/run.

I have completed T25 ( became a coach for beachbody to help, encourage and inspire others to be the best they can be! I also Completed 21 Day Fix and now I am almost finished with T25 Gamma Hybrid. I do still modify some moves because of my surgery – but I get stronger everyday! This makes me happy & excited – so I had to share!

Time heals all….

Here it is January already…. almost 4 months since I had surgery.Β  I am happy to report I continue to improve πŸ™‚

I have started walking on the treadmill.Β  Initially I started a 2mph and have quickly progressed to 2.3mph with the occasional 2.5mph and sustaining this speed for 45-50 minutes.Β  While this is below my ‘normal’ walking speed… it is a huge improvement for me to walk this speed, this duration and without limping!

Skin sensitivity is still an ‘issue’.Β  And some mild swelling in the big toe.Β  I have also noticed increased pain with the cold weather.Β  BUT again this is all expected in the recovery process.

Unfortuately, because of my fall back in November (my first day back to work) – I am not dealing with write pain.Β Β  I finally broke down and went to an Orthopedic Dr. and have received 2 cortisone shots that seemed to have helped slightly.

So to help with the wrist and the pain from the cold weather, I have been taking ibuprophen/motrin to help with inflammation.

Maybe – just maybe – I’ll be able to wear some girly shoes for summer!Β  πŸ™‚

With time comes healing…

I am just over 2 months since surgery and I am happy that I have blogged my journey so I can go back and read about my progress to give me encouragement when I feel like I am not making good progress.

While I still have a slight limp and I can’t jump back into a workout regime that involves quick, sudden movements…such as running, jumping,etc….I am happy to say the swelling has gone down a huge amount and I am walking much faster and with less discomfort!

I am looking forward to the next phase couple months where I am hoping for almost no swelling and to be able to power walking, etc again!

The road to recovery!

I am 2+ weeks into PT…and everyday I walk a little less with a “gimp”! And swelling is less and less each day too! It’s nice to see your foot start to return to normal size & color. 😁

Today I had X-rays and my bones have completely healed…so full steam ahead with my PT.πŸ‘πŸ‘

About 3-4 days ago I quit using bandages in my incisions! So that saves me time getting ready! YEAH!πŸ‘πŸ‘

The pins and needles feeling in the toe joint is less and less each day too.πŸ‘πŸ‘

Now my goals are to slow down my walking so I can properly learn to walk again, improve flexibility and strength so I can walk down the stairs like an adult… (One at a time), drive my car (5speed manual) AND return to working out!

Happy Thanksgiving! Remember to take time to stop and reflect on all your blessings!

…I’m walking…YES indeed I’m walking!

Ok so I’m not ready for a 5K YET! But I am walking and swelling goes down a little everyday! I can actually wear my crocks and they’re not too tight. Although I only wear them around the house. Sneakers are the preferred shoe for now.

Physical therapy is progressing well. Each day I get a little stronger and a little more range of motion in the toe and ankle.

Looking so forward to the next milestone…walking without a limp! πŸ‘£πŸ˜€

Oh yea…shoes!!!!

Yesterday I finally started walking without crutches!!!! TODAY I am in a sneaker!!!

Still dealing with a good amount of swelling…but glad to rid of the boat anchor!!!!

More physical therapy and soon I will be better than before!

MORE little victories….

Friday I had my first physical therapy appointment. It went better than I expected.
I also have spent my first weekend away from home since surgery 10/10….I am in Gettysburg at Camp Eder scrapbooking with some great ladies and my BFF!

THANKFULLY my hubby and daughter drove me here and helped me get unloaded and settled (for those that scrapbook you understand this process!)
I decided to bring the walker along with the crutches and I have been using the walker solely since arriving. I honestly feel it makes me put more weight on my foot and I have been walking ALOT more here than I have in many weeks!

TONIGHT I took my first SHOWER …not bath…since 10/10! Nothing beats a good hot shower! I was able to do this because it has a handicap bar and a seat in the shower.

My blister is ALMOST healed. I am wondering if the boot is aggravating it since I am walking more and putting more weight only foot…mmmm…

So several little victories! πŸ‘πŸ‘

Maybe….just maybe….I’ll be walking in a SHOE within a week!